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My work present layers of contradiction and vulnerability from my life experiences. I create a space which seems like my body with a boundary between inside and outside. It attracts attention and invites the viewers to get close, walk through, be surrounded and have a dialogue, and it simultaneously provides an imaginary space for me only. My work also expresses a kind of pain under the appearance of beauty.

My approach explores my ambivalence and anxiety on the basis of the cell, female body, beauty, culture and identity. The concepts in my work are supported by my use of various materials. I collect found objects and transform them into new forms that contain special metaphors or meanings. For example, I transform the twisted, wrinkled, and screaming expression of the facial mask into a metaphor for my potential fear and struggle. The stiffened material expresses a kind of pain and anxiety under the appearance of beauty. By bringing sculpture, photography, and performance into my work, I transform my consciousness into a visible self-examination.