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From Knowing Nothing about People to Knowing Something about Life – An Article for Hsu Wei-Hui's 2013 Solo Exhibition。Cheng Nai-Ming (Chief Editor of CANS – Chinese Contemporary Art News) 。2013. 01. No.96。P110、111、112、113。

The Feminine Nature and Appearance – Hsu Wei-Hui's World of Art。Chen Bo-Cheng (Art Critic)。National Culture and Arts Foundation Magazine, Taiwan。2011, 12, No25。P22、23、24、25。

Eastern Female Encounters Western Culture - The Process of Wei-Hui Hsu’s Creation。Wang Su-Mei (Editor of Art of Collection Magazine)。Oct/ 2010。P246、247。

Hsu Wei-Hui’s Conflict Aesthetics。Lin Yu-Chieh (Deputy Director/ Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei)。P80、81。

2015 MOCA Taipei X Taitung Art Museum_Unknown Depths—Wei-Hui Hsu Solo Exhibition

2013 Taipei Times 「Pink and Empowered」

2013 Era News

2013 Liang Gallery「粉紅逆襲 - 徐薇蕙個展」

2013 China Times "The Tender Counteroffensives" Wei-Hui Hsu Solo Exhibition

2013 Liang Gallery "The Tender Counteroffensives" Wei-Hui Hsu Solo Exhibition

2011 GTV "Facial Mask Used to Make Up Hakka Imagery"

2011 MOCA Taipei "FIT: Fashionista in Taiwan – Artist Wei-Hui Hsu "

2010 Udn News “Taipei Art Fair/ Wei-Hui Hsu’s Twisted Facial Mask…The Anxiety Under The Beauty ”

2010 World Journal “Wei-Hui Hsu Solo Exhibition In New York Taipei Cultural Center”

2010 Singtao Daily “Taiwan Facial Mask Artist-Wei-Hui Hsu Solo Exhibition In New York Taipei Cultural Center”

2009 MOCA Taipei “Super Generation @ Taiwan - Artist Wei-Hui Hsu”

2009 Stir Art News “Contemporary Art Exhibition《Re-Coding Cloth》Subvert the Cloth of Traditional Imagination”

2008 Epoch Times “Wei-Hui Hsu’s Art Stands Out Conspicuously In Chealsea”

2008 Liberty Times “Facial Mask Becomes Art? Wei-Hui Hsu Shows Her Creativity In New York”