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Potential Cell series

No.23 - 2011
No.22 - Knot and Unknot - 2007
No.21 - Body Landscape - 2006
No.20 - 2006
No.19 - Fear Wall - 2006
No.18 - The Origin - 2006
No.17 - 2005
No.16 - Parasite - 2005
No.15 - 2005
No.14 - Inner World - 2005
No.13 - Nostalgia - 2005
No.12 - Ambivalence - 2004

Potential Cell No.21-Body Landscape

In this installation, the twisted and wrinkled mask is not only the symbol of a cell or cell membrane, but also the metaphor for my negative expression and emotion. Moreover, the mask has the meaning of covering and concealing for me. Whenever I feel frustrated, I would like to hide and cover myself, but I still want to see out through the holes. It appears that my potential melancholy cell and potential anxious, fearful, and struggling emotions which are covered by my huddled body have fallen down and spread out on the floor.

Installation (facial mask, fabric stiffener) 2006
Size: 224×120×34 inches (560×300×88cm)