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Potential Cell series

No.23 - 2011
No.22 - Knot and Unknot - 2007
No.21 - Body Landscape - 2006
No.20 - 2006
No.19 - Fear Wall - 2006
No.18 - The Origin - 2006
No.17 - 2005
No.16 - Parasite - 2005
No.15 - 2005
No.14 - Inner World - 2005
No.13 - Nostalgia - 2005
No.12 - Ambivalence - 2004

Potential Cell No.19 – Fear Wall

My installations present layers of contradiction and vulnerability from my life experiences. My sculptures represent the structure of organic form and reveal the link between body and mind. I create a space which seems like my body, my inner world with a boundary between inside and outside. The surface which looks like a lace surface attracts the viewer’s attention and invites one to get close, walk through, be surrounded by the thin walls, and have a dialogue. It simultaneously holds an imaginary space for me only. It looks like a soft surface, but actually it is hard and serves as a symbol of the fragility of life.
The concepts in my work are supported by hundreds of facial masks possessing a fragile tactile character. I transform the twisted, wrinkled, and screaming expression of the facial mask to the metaphor of my potential melancholy, fear, and struggle. The stiffened material expresses a kind of pain and anxiety under the appearance of beauty.

Installation (facial mask, fabric stiffener) 2006
Dimensions Variable