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Feminine series

Life Movement—Paying Tribute to Gaudi - 2017
Happy Soaring - 2016
Imagination of Home - 2016
You Are My Tender Weapon- Overcoming Hardness with Softness - 2016
Smiling Face as A Flower - Inner Corner - 2015
Smiling Soaring - 2015
Camouflage-Internal - 2012
Camouflage-External - 2011
You Are My tender weapon - 2011
Transforming - 2011
Portrait Puzzzle - 2011
Smiling to Life - 2011
Flower of Life - 2011
Smiling Face as A Flower - Resplendent - 2011
Smiling Face as A Flower - 2011
Bloom - 2011
Day by Day…Day by Day… - 2010
Day by Day...Day by Day... - 2009
Camouflage - 2007
Day by Day…Day by Day… - 2007
Illusion vs. Reality - 2005
Desire - 2005

Feminine - Illusion vs. Reality

When I grow up and get some experiences from real life, I realized that there is always a conflict between illusion and reality. Just like a girl always has a dream about love or romance. I tried to find something fancy for little girls, the metaphor of illusion and romance, to be the contrast with plastic gloves, the metaphor of reality. The plastic glove that penetrates through lace glove expresses the conflicting and contradictory feeling of being a female. It is true that plastic gloves are hard to fit the lace gloves at all and it seems that the illusion and the romance are really far from the reality.

When a woman gets married, she has to face lots of reality and responsibilities; sometimes she even needs to sacrifice to care for the family. Thus, plastic gloves holding the kid’s gloves symbolize that a mother takes care of a child.

Moreover, sometimes I feel that being a female is hard. Just like a woman needs to take care of her skin and appearance very well, even she is getting old. It seems ironic that a woman needs to make up and cares about her face all the time even when she is doing some housework; therefore, I put the cosmetics and red nails on the plastic gloves and put this piece above the one holding child to emphasize the irony.

Installation (mixed media)   2005
(size variable)