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Feminine series

Life Movement—Paying Tribute to Gaudi - 2017
Happy Soaring - 2016
Imagination of Home - 2016
You Are My Tender Weapon- Overcoming Hardness with Softness - 2016
Smiling Face as A Flower - Inner Corner - 2015
Smiling Soaring - 2015
Camouflage-Internal - 2012
Camouflage-External - 2011
You Are My tender weapon - 2011
Transforming - 2011
Portrait Puzzzle - 2011
Smiling to Life - 2011
Flower of Life - 2011
Smiling Face as A Flower - Resplendent - 2011
Smiling Face as A Flower - 2011
Bloom - 2011
Day by Day…Day by Day… - 2010
Day by Day...Day by Day... - 2009
Camouflage - 2007
Day by Day…Day by Day… - 2007
Illusion vs. Reality - 2005
Desire - 2005

Feminine - Camouflage

People say, “Women never have enough dresses, purses, and shoes in their closets.” Does a woman really need to dress up and make up? Is appearance for a woman really important? I use the facial masks which are intended for taking care of women’s skin to make life size replicas of dresses, purses, and high heel shoes. I stiffen the facial masks and give them fragile, vulnerable, attractive figurative and skin-like references. The distorted facial expression also contains the metaphor of my anxiety about beauty. Through the photographs, I use my own body to have a conversation with my mask sculptures consciously or unconsciously. These dresses, purses and high heel shoes become a kind of camouflage.

By bringing sculpture, photography, and performance into my work, I transform my consciousness into a visible self-examination. I play the female and male roles to attack and oppose the stereotype from a male’s fetishism. I also question how these appearances endure and exist.

Installation (facial masks, fabric stiffener, performance, toy guns, spray paint, army uniform, photographs)
Dimensions Variable