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Far from Home series

Up‧Hold - 2010
Errant Alien - 2008
Identity of Strange Land - 2007
Roaming - 2007
Not from Here - 2007
In Distress - 2007
Culture Shock - 2006
Because of a Dream - 2006

Far from Home - Culture Shock

The suitcase covered with the fabric of Chinese traditional pattern makes it a metaphor of me who comes from Chinese culture background and who is overseas.  I have been deeply influenced by Chinese culture and now I learn and absorb American culture. These two cultures arouse a strong culture shock in my mind. The wires covered with Chinese and English newspapers entangle with each other and burst from the suitcase. It seems that my thoughts are mixed with Chinese and English and these two thoughts produce a colorful shock.

Mixed-Media (suitcase, fabric, newspaper, wire)  2006
Size: 26x20x17 inches (65x50x42.5 cm)